Out of the Eternal Emptiness arises the Vibration which transforms into the Song of Creation


Come join me and Emmett Drueding Sunday July 21 for an evening of “The Way of the Heart Songs and Stories of Love and Spirit”at Mister John’s Music in the Heart of Philly's Italian Market area. Come feel the LOVE Hope to see y’all! Free! Donations welcome!

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The Divine Feminine

Songs, stories, meditations & Healing from divine mother

If you missed April's interview and meditation with physician, teacher and storyteller, Dr. Jeff KD Meyers, it is now on the Center's YouTube Channel.

For many years, KD has led seminars and classes that explore the interrelationship of biology and consciousness with the arts, sciences and spirituality.

Come celebrate the Divine Mother with us this fall!

More information available soon!

Hot Springs

Outside Padua


Padua, Italy

Interior Frescos, Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Italy.

Experience the magic of Padua, in the Veneto region of Italy this fall as we celebrate the Divine Mother.

Join us amidst the historic streets, local hot springs, and sacred sites for a journey of spiritual discovery and cultural immersion.

Your Guide

Jeff “KD” Meyers M.D. L. Ac. is a teacher, physician, artist, and storyteller whose decades as a physician-healer have cultivated a deep reverence for the mystery of life and for our capacity to heal, grow, and thrive. With an interest in the interconnectedness of mind, body, spirit, and community, he has explored beyond conventional boundaries, blending his expertise in diverse healing traditions with his passion for the arts, spirituality, and helping others.

Recognized for his compassion and open-heartedness, KD approaches his calling with a humble intention to nurture the well-being of others and contribute to the collective harmony of our world. He has years of experience holding the space for personal growth and healing to happen, and has witnessed in his own life the powerful capacity for healing and transformation that is inherent in us all.

Drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and ancient healing and spiritual traditions, he artfully weaves together stories and songs inspired by his experiences and travels around the world. The stories, songs, and music he has received serve as gateways to personal and communal reflection, with words and melodies that can touch the soul.

His mission is to offer transformative experiences that resonate with the depths of the human spirit and empower individuals and groups to reconnect with their inner essence and cultivate a sense of peace, self-awareness, and belonging/community.

Your Guide

Jeff “KD” Meyers, M.D. L.Ac., is a physician, acupuncturist, yoga teacher, healer, and artist with an extensive background in holistic approaches to healing, the arts, and spirituality.

His path as a healer and artist began in the 1980s as a student of holistic medicine and spirituality in Colorado and New Mexico. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Colorado School of Medicine and practiced Western and Integrative medicine for over 20 years.

KD was co-director of Dharma Mittra’s “Life of a Yogi” Teacher Training. He received a Certificate in Psychedelic Therapies and Research from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) and is a mentor and part of the program staff. He also completed Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Training through The Ketamine Training Center.

In 2010, he was graced with the blessings of the Divine Mother who gifted him with the spiritually healing power of her song. KD receives and offers transmissions in multiple spiritual lineages, including the lineage of the Divine Mother.

Listen To KD Meyers Teaching On Attaining Mastery

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